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Last Updated :2024/03/03

Yoko Oka

Faculty of Commerce
Associate professor

Researcher information

■ Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Willamette University
  • Master of Arts in Political Science, University of Victoria
■ Research Keyword
  • Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, Grounded Theory
■ Field Of Study
  • Humanities & social sciences, Business administration, Management


■ Educational Background
  • 2012
    University of Victoria, Department of Political Science, Comparative Politics
  • 1995
    Willamette University, Department of Politics
■ Member History
  • May 2022 - Present
    Secretary, Transcultural Management Society

Research activity information

■ Paper
  • Hypocrisy or Naive Insularity? Cultural Implication on the Legitimacy of the Policy Implementation Process in Institutionalized Japanese Organizations
    Yoko OKa
    Transcultural Management Review, Dec. 2022, Refereed
  • Nothing Comes from Nothing: Can Innovation Exist without Creative Employees? Japan's Case
    Yoko Oka
    The Bulletin of Central Research Institute, 12 Jan. 2022, Not refereed, Not invited
  • The Risk of a Misleading Premise: A Cultural Perspective on Japanese Labor-Management Discourse
    岡 陽子
    福岡大学 商学論叢, 20 Dec. 2019, Not refereed, Not invited
  • A Leader Is the One Who Sets the Tone of Corporate Culture: Rethinking the Difficulty of Democratic Discourse in Organizations
    岡 陽子
    異文化経営研究, 01 Dec. 2016, Refereed, Not invited
  • Taming Japan's Democracy: The Making of Homogeneous Japanese Citizens through Education
    Yoko Oka
    Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 16 Apr. 2012, Refereed, Not invited
■ Lectures, oral presentations, etc.
  • Global Supply Chain におけるEconomic Statecraft の国民感情に与える影響
    岡 陽子
    異文化経営学会 九州部会 第9回研究会, 11 Mar. 2023
  • Reconsidering the Meaning of Intercultural Receptivity
    岡 陽子
    異文化経営学会研究会 九州部会, 12 Mar. 2016, Not invited