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Last Updated :2024/03/03

Ono Kazuhiko

Department of Phatmaceutics
Lecturer/Senior Assistant Professor

Researcher information

■ Degree
  • 博士(薬学), 福岡大学
■ Field Of Study
  • Life sciences, Clinical pharmacy, Clinical Pharmaceutical Science

Research activity information

■ Paper
  • Maternal folic acid depletion during early pregnancy increases sensitivity to squamous tumor formation in the offspring in mice.
    Kawakubo-Yasukochi T; Morioka M; Ohe K; Yasukochi A; Ozaki Y; Hazekawa M; Nishinakagawa T; Ono K; Nakamura S; Nakashima M
    Dev Orig Health Dis., 2019, Refereed, Not invited
  • Effects of geldanamycin on neurite outgrowth-related proteins and kinases in nerve growth factor-differentiated pheochromocytoma 12 cells.
    Migita K; Matsumoto T; Terada K; Ono K; Hara S
    J Pharmacol Sci., 2019, Refereed, Not invited
  • miR-200c-3p spreads invasive capacity in human oral squamous cell carcinoma microenvironment
    Tomoyo Kawakubo-Yasukochi; Masahiko Morioka; Mai Hazekawa; Atsushi Yasukochi; Takuya Nishinakagawa; Kazuhiko Ono; Shintaro Kawano; Seiji Nakamura; Manabu Nakashima
    Molecular Carcinogenesis, 01 Feb. 2018, Refereed, Not invited
  • In vitro anti-inflammatory effects of the phenylbutyric acid metabolite phenylacetyl glutamine
    Mai Hazekawa; Kazuhiko Ono; Takuya Nishinakagawa; Tomoyo Kawakubo-Yasukochi; Manabu Nakashima
    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2018, Refereed, Not invited
  • Orally administered sodium 4-phenylbutyrate suppresses the development of dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice
    Ono K; Nimura S; Hideshima Y; Nabeshima K; Nakashima M
    Ex Ther Med, Dec. 2017, Refereed, Not invited
  • Anti-inflammatory effects of water extract from bell pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var. grossum) leaves in vitro
    Hazekawa M; Hideshima Y; Ono K; Nishinakagawa T; Kawakubo-Yasukochi T; Takatani-Nakase T; Nakashima M
    Ex Ther Med, Oct. 2017, Refereed, Not invited
  • Exosomes from oral squamous carcinoma cell lines, SQUU-A and SQUU-B, define the tropism of lymphatic dissemination.
    Morioka M; Kawakubo-Yasukochi T; Hayashi Y; Hazekawa M; Nishinakagawa T; Ono K; Kawano S; Nakamura S; Nakashima M
    J Oral Biosci, May 2016, Refereed, Not invited
  • Sodium 4-phenylbutyrate suppresses the development of dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice.
    Ono K; Nimura S; Nishinakagawa T; Hideshima Y; Enjyoji M; Nabeshima K; Nakashima M
    Exp Ther Med, Mar. 2014, Refereed, Not invited
  • A chemical chaperone, sodium 4-phenylbutyric acid, attenuates the pathogenic potency in human alpha-synuclein A30P+A53T transgenic mice
    Kazuhiko Ono; Miyuki Ikemoto; Takeshi Kawarabayashi; Masaki Ikeda; Takuya Nishinakagawa; Masato Hosokawa; Mikio Shoji; Mitsuo Takahashi; Manabu Nakashima
    PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS, Nov. 2009, Refereed, Not invited
  • Detection of amyloid beta protein in the urine of Alzheimer's disease patients and healthy individuals
    Manabu Takata; Manabu Nakashima; Taro Takehara; Hideyo Baba; Kazuyuki Machida; Yoshiharu Akitake; Kazuhiko Ono; Masato Hosokawa; Mitsuo Takahashi
    NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS, Apr. 2008, Refereed, Not invited
  • Natural killer cells of Parkinson's disease patients are set up for activation: A possible role for innate immunity in the pathogenesis of this disease
    Tomoko Mihara; Manabu Nakashima; Ataru Kurolwa; Yoshiharu Akitake; Kazuhiko Ono; Masato Hosokawa; Tatsuo Yamada; Mitsuo Takahashi
    PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS, 2008, Refereed, Not invited
■ Lectures, oral presentations, etc.
  • PBA代謝産物のマウス炎症性サイトカイン産生に対する効果
    Ono Kazuhiko; KUSUDA Mariko; HIDESHIMA Yuko; NISHINAKAGAWA Takuya; ENJOJI Munechika; NAKASHIMA Manabu
    薬学会第134年会, 30 Mar. 2014, Not invited
■ Affiliated academic society
  • 日本薬学会
■ Industrial Property Rights
  • 144724, 糖化産物生成抑制剤および医薬組成物
    中島 学, 小野 和彦
  • 111391, 終末糖化産物生成製剤及び医薬組成物
    中島 学, 小野 和彦