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takeuchi satoru

Faculty of Science
Assistant Lecturer/Assistant professor

Researcher information

■ Degree
  • 博士(理学), 九州大学
■ Field Of Study
  • Natural sciences, Atmospheric and hydrospheric science, Planetary atmospheric science
  • Natural sciences, Astronomy, Solar System science


■ Career
  • 1996 - 1998
    NASDA Invited Researcher
■ Educational Background
  • 1996
    Kyushu University, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, 物理学専攻
  • 1988
    Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Science, 物理学科

Research activity information

■ Award
  • 1997
■ Paper
  • 木星赤道帯状流における熱対流(共著)
    Proceedings of the 33rd ISAS Lunar and Planetary Symposium, 2000
  • 衛星食観測による木星上層大気のメタン分布測定(共著)
    Proceedings of the 31st ISAS Lunar and Planetary Symposium, 1998
  • 木星型惑星大気の地上観測(共著)
    Planetary People, 1998
  • 彗星の木星衝突-塵生成の謎を追う(共著)
    日経サイエンス, 1997
  • Interpretation of the lightcurve for the SL9 impacts(共著)
    EOS, transactions, 1996
  • Grains in the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact plume : Formation and composition(共著)
    Icarus, 1996
  • 気象学からみたSL9木星衝突
    The Astronomical Herald, 1995
  • 彗星衝突が木星大気に及ぼした影響
    Science Journal KAGAKU, 1995
  • Near-IR imaging observations of the cometary impact into Jupiter(共著)
    Geophysical Research Letters, 1995
  • Near-IR observation of the cometary impact into Jupiter : Brightness variation of the impact plume of fragment K (共著)
    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 1995
  • Detectability of water-ice clouds expected after the P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact with Jupiter at near-infrared molecular lands(共著)
    Planetary and Space Science, 1993
■ Books and other publications
  • The furture Japanese CBR anisotropy observatory at the moon(共著)
    Joint work, 11B/,992-995
    Highlights of Astronomy (As presented at the XXIIIrd General Assembly of the IAU, 1997), Kluwer Academic Publisher, 1998
  • Entry flashes of cometary fragments in Jovian upper atmosphere(共著)
    Joint work, 11A/,266-269
    Highlights of Astronomy (As presented at the XXIIIrd General Assembly of the IAU,1997), Edited by J. Andersen, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998
■ Affiliated academic society
  • 日本天文学会
  • 日本気象学会
  • 日本惑星科学会